Located in the central of District 4, through many years of experience. Yen Spa has been exposed to a lot of skin affected by time, climate, environment, or because all the chaos of life. Under the scorching days of summer, along with the impact of the surrounding environment, such as dust, air pollution ... makes your skin is dull black and smooth looks lost capital. This makes you lose confidence when communicating or skirts look sexy and glamorous. Determined to overcome the damage, improve skin, "awaken the hidden beauty" gives confidence to everyone, Yen Spa was born. "
Entering the space of  Yen Spa you will feel the warm, friendly and energetic life. Colors and layout , arrangement towards natural beauty but not least, polite, elegant .
 Yen Spa has a team of dedicated staff , professional training by expert skin care, nail care , professional makeup . Here , you will be taken care by pampering skin rejuvenation best materials available today. The skin problems like wrinkles , pigmentation , freckles , scars pitting markedly improved, effective immediately after the first treatment . The skin also becomes radiant with the cosmetics line famous and treatment is perfectly safe and effective . Immediately after completion of the service pack , you will feel the change in your skin , not dull and dull black that white becomes perfect and especially not to the sun . You can look pretty dresses , streetwear kick up white pink skin showing under the morning sun light, fresh.
  With professional style and quality services, we are honored to welcome customers to the Yen Spa
Come to Yen Spa to be enjoying the best service beauty and relaxation in space, gently subtle elegance. 
Please contact us to see Hotline 0949 71 7777 Mrs Yen for free advice on skin care tips, beauty appointments and registration services.
Cosmetic skin care
Dermie Oligo (France)
Nuskin (U.S.A)
Puri Alchemy (Thailand)
Collagen (Japan)

Open from 09h00 AM to 09h00 PM