Four Seasons



(VND 500,000/2 hours– Actual price: VND 580,000)


1. Steaming with herbs

2. Body relaxing and massage with essential oil

3. Facial whitening care with Vitamin



(VND 750,000/2 hours and 30 mins – Actual price: VND 850,000)


1. Steaming with herbs

2. Skin whitening enhancing with green seaweed

3. Caring allergic skin



(VND 1,000,000/3 hours – Actual price: VND 1,200,000)


1. Steaming with herbs

2. Massage with candles or stones

3. Reviving, regenerating suntanned, tarnished skin, fatigue, anti oxidant, masking neck

4. Smoothening whitening skin, relieving stress with jasmine, lavender





(VND 1,150,000/4 hours – Actual price: VND 1.350.000)


1. Steaming with herbs

2. Bright whitening for sensitive skin, smoothening rosy skin with kapok, Gossypium herbaceum

3. Firming massage, relieving pain with mineral essential oil from marjoram and sheep fat

4. Specializing anti aging with Collagen, or boosting thermal mask, against wrinkle on neck, blurring wrinkle around the eyes


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